How Can We Ever Pay Back Camp Winnataska? image

How Can We Ever Pay Back Camp Winnataska?

Who Did You Meet There? Who Did You Send?

$23,665 raised

$100,000 goal

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Did you meet your spouse at Camp Winnataska? Your best lifelong friend? Your amazing mentor?

Did you send your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, neighbor kids, friends to Camp?

What did you learn at Winnataska? Horseback riding? Swimming? Canoeing? Crafts? Ropes? Nature? Hiking?

What do you know love that you might not have had you not spent your summers at Camp? A closer walk with God? The great outdoors? Singing? Standing up in front of people and speaking or being silly or vulnerable?

Did you decide to become a doctor because you attended Winnataska? A minister? An artist? An environmentalist?

Whatever your answer to these questions, if there is a significant connection, how can we ever pay back Camp Winnataska for the influence the place had on our lives? We can always pay it forward, and help future generations have the amazing outdoor experience we had at this traditional summer camp that has been going for 104 years!